Our Story

Our story began in 1995 in a southwest suburb of Chicago.  That’s when WellExpert’s founder and CEO, Tony Scaletta had an idea to improve the appearance of basement window wells by creating a weatherproof liner with a beautiful picture printed on it.  What came to be know as a window well picture scene transformed the  unattractive appearance of a typical window well into something special.  The idea was a big success in the Chicago area and quickly grew in popularity.  As Tony began installing the scenes all over the Chicago area he soon realized window well cover installation would be needed to protect the scene from the elements.

Not knowing much about window well cover installation, Tony called on a local company who specialized in on-site window well cover installation and ask if they wanted to work together.  

tony scaletta founder of WellExpert circa 1995

Tony Scaletta installing a window well picture scene, circa 1995

custom window well cover with extension on metal window well

However, when the owner of the window well cover company made it clear he was not interested in working together, Tony decided he would have to do window well cover installation on his own.  Not only did Tony learn how to make window well covers, in addition he innovated the on-site fabrication method and improved the current cover construction methods.  This allowed him to offer the absolute best custom window well cover on the market.

Since 1995, WellExpert has become the nationwide leader in the window well cover installation industry.  We have installed more covers in the past 25 years than all of our competitors combined.  As we continue to expand our business into new areas of the country our focus on top-notch customer service combined with quality build products remains the same.  That’s becaue our number one goal is to exceed our customers expectations everyday.

Our Mission Statement

Strive at all times to remain the nations most advanced and well respected custom window well installation company by offering a superior customer experience through a knowledgeable and helpful staff, computerized management systems, quick turnaround, a highly trained and well compensated installation team along with the absolute best quality products on the market.

WellExpert on-site service vehicle

Our people make all the difference

picture of WellExpert team members

When it comes to providing our customers with the best experience in custom window well cover installation, our team makes all the difference.  That’s because our team is made up of experienced installers, top-notch sales consultants and a seasoned support staff.  As a result, we offer pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer experience day in and day out. 

Need information on custom window well covers or related products?  We not give us a call today.

Your One-Stop Shop for Anything Related To Window Wells

At WellExpert, we focus on helping you get the best quality product to fit your needs. As a leader in on-site window well cover installation, manufacturing and custom solutions – with more than 25 years of experience and serving customers throughout the United States – we are committed to offering a full line of quality products and expert solutions to protect your home and keep you safe. With a WellExpert custom window well cover you’ll be confident that you and your getting one of the best quality products for your home.

custom window well cover
custom window well cover

Safety and enhancement of window wells is what we do

We have established the most advanced on-site window well cover installation process and have taken it to the point of perfection.  As a result, we impress our customers and continue to grow.

Our heavy duty polycarbonate window well covers are built with features and benefits that far out perform any of our competitors.

You can rely on from a custom window well cover from WellExpert

Our custom window well covers offer protection against rain, snow, dirt and debris, animals and rodents entering your well and causing damage and flooding. Moreover, our window well covers provide security against burglars, break-ins and vandals. In addition, a window well cover improves the overall appearance of your home and provides extra “curb appeal”.  Why not, get safety and security now with WellExpert.

custom window well cover

WellExpert's Promise