Angled risers for window well covers

What is an angled riser anyway?

An angled riser installed on a window well allows the custom window well cover to be mounted in a sloped or pitched fashion.  The reason for creating a pitch on a custom window well cover  is really two fold. First, in the case of a window well configuration where the window extends higher than the lip of the window well, it allow the back of the cover clearance by positioning it just over the top line of the window.  This makes of a clean installation of the window well cover and eliminates the need for a window well cover extension.

The second reason is that creating a pitch angle for the window well cover provides enhanced water and snow run off.  This makes if safer in the case of an egress emergency whereby the cover has to be lifted of the well to allow for an escape route.  Snow can weigh down the cover increasing the weight and making it more difficult to remove.  By pitching the cover with an angled riser the snow will melt and run off the cover faster.  

All of our angled risers our made from the same indestructible thick UV stable polycarbonate  we use on our covers.  This material makes the prefect riser because it is cost effective and extremely strong, allowing us to rest the cover on top of the riser and hold it down with either out stainless steel clips or our SmartLock quick release security locking system.

window well cover with an angled riser
window well cover with an angled riser

How are angled riser installed on window wells.

Angled riser are attached to the inside surface of the window well using aluminum rivets.  The height of the window well riser it dependents on whether or not there is a window the extends above the lip of the window well.  In the case of a high window, the riser height must extend just above the windows top line so it will not interfere with the window well covers main support which run left to right across the window well flush with the wall.  If the top line of the window is below the lip of the well, then the riser would only be installed to add pitch to the custom window well cover.  In this case, a low angled riser can be used where it might only extend above the top lip of the window well by 4-6 inches.