Our Window Well Covers for egress wells meet all IRC code requirements.

WellExpert provides on-site fabrication of custom window well covers in all shapes and sizes for any style of window well including metal wells, plastic wells, cement and timber wells.

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Window Well Covers has been the WellExpert focus for over 25 years. Our egress well covers are superior quality because they are built with the finest components from top to bottom.  From the very beginning we have remained focused on continual improvement?  This has resulted in several product design innovations with our escape well covers.  In addition, WellExpert has taken the “build-on-site” custom made cover industry to a new level allowing us to offer the best solution for outfitting your home’s egress window wells with the very best custom window well covers, escape well covers and egress well covers.  Call WellExpert when you need window well cover installation.

WellExpert is the #1 Window Well Cover Company in Chicago and the Midwest.

WellExpert has built more window well covers for metal window wells than any competitor.  Metal is a corrugated form is the most common type of material that window wells are made from.   Our custom made egress well covers constructed with polycarbonate are the best choice for this style of well.  We custom make every one of our window well covers on-site to assure a perfect fit and neat appearance.

custom window well cover with extension on metal window well
cover on metal window well
metal window well with cover
well cover with a vertical extension
cover on concrete window well
custom window well cover on large concrete window well
well cover on large concrete window well
concrete window well with cover

Concrete window wells are found in home with below grade basements throughout a large portion of the country.  They are particularly popular in the Midwest especially in states like Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Concrete window wells comes in a wide variety  of shapes, sizes and configurations and tend to be much larger then traditional metal window wells.  WellExpert has fabricated custom egress well covers for every type of concrete window well.  WellExpert can make the perfect custom window well cover for your concrete window well no matter the width, depth of shape.

Several models of plastic window well covers from various manufactures have emerged in the past several years.  These window wells can be found in both curved and rectangular shapes in varying sizes.  But no matter the shape or size, WellExpert can custom build a perfectly fabricated window well cover right on site.  Understanding that plastic window wells require alternate fastening hardware because of the density of the well’s surface material, WellExpert has developed special designed hardware to make certain our egress well covers hold down tight and lock down properly

cover on plastic window well
custom window well cover on plastic window well
custom window well cover on plastic window well
well cover on plastic window well
large window well cover on stone constructed window well
well cover on wood window well
custom window well cover on large brick window well
window well made from wood with cover

Built from natural material like stone, brick and wood timbers, these stone & wood window wells can give a more rustic nature look and feel to a home.  Stone and wood window wells come in various shapes, sizes and styles.  Since WellExpert builds all of it’s custom window well covers on-site we always guarantee a perfect fit for your window well cover.  If you have a window well made from natural wood or stone elements, trust WellExpert to build your egress well cover right.

Through our 25 plus years in the custom window well business we have seen a lot of odd or unusual shaped window wells.  While most of these window wells tend to be concrete based window wells, we have even seen unusual shaped metal window wells.  It takes a bit more creativity and know how to handle building the right window well cover for odd shaped window wells and that’s why WellExpert is the perfect choice.  Take a look through our gallery and you will see our superior experience shine through when it comes to creating custom egress well covers on-site.

window well cover on odd shaped well
window well cover on odd shaped window well
window well cover on odd shaped well with horizontal extension
very long brick window well
window well cover on extremely large concrete window well
custom window well cover on large concrete window well
custom cover on large concrete window well

Yes, window wells can be extremely large.  We are talking about window wells that are sometimes overs 20 feet wide and as much as a 5-6 feet in projection.  These large window wells can be found configured in various shapes such as L-shapes that wrap around a building or angled shapes to fit the unique architecture of the home.  Our expert installers welcome the challenge that extremely large window wells present.  We take pride in designing and fabricating premium quality window well covers no matter the size and installing to an exact fit.  You can depend on WellExpert to deliver custom window well covers that enhance the safety and appearance of any home.

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