Window Well Covers for Metal Window Wells

Metal window wells are the most common type of window well

common metal window well
window well cover on common metal well

If your window Many homes across the midwestern United States with below grade basement have window wells made of corrugated metal.  A metal window well shape can be semi-circular or rectangular with rounded corners.  Essentially it is and excavation that surrounds a basement window. It’s purpose is to create a solid barrier that protects the below grade basement window.  Most window well covers are constructed on-site for metal window wells.

Why are metal window wells so popular.

Window wells are typically installed for the following purposes: emergency egress, prevention of moisture damage and increase of natural light.  If the window serves a living area (as opposed to an unfinished basement with exposed utilities) then emergency escape at a minimum of two locations is required. Metal window wells allow basement windows to be used by escaping occupants and emergency crews attempting to enter the house.

Metal window wells also prevent moisture damage to basement windows that are at or below grade. The metal window wells keep the soil away from openings in the foundation walls while still allowing proper grading and drainage away from the house.

Finally metal window wells to allow sunlight into a below-grade room that would otherwise require artificial lighting.

Metal window wells are the most popular style because they are the least expensive to manufacture and because they can be manufactured in a variety of pre-formed shapes and sizes.  Older homes (40+ years old) usually have smaller size metal window wells ranging in width from 40-48 inches and projections of 18-24 inches.  Newer homes tend to have larger metal window wells because of egress codes changes in the past 20 years which require a projection of at least 36 inches.  Additionally, homeowners have started demanding more natural light in basements as basements have become a more popular space in the home.  Large metal window wells along with larger basement windows allow significantly more natural light into the basement.  Custom window well covers for metal well can be constructed on-site for a perfect fit not matter the size or shape of the metal window well.

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