Wrap around risers for
window wells

A wrap around riser is the perfect way to increase the height on many types of window wells.

Increasing the height of your window well prior to installing a cover may be necessary for many reasons.  First, if the lip of your window well is too close to the ground it may not be able to protect as well against water flowing into the well.  A wrap around riser can bring the lip of the well up to solve this problem.  The other reason to bring the height of your window well up is to allow a clean window well cover installation in a configuration where your window is higher than the lip of the well.  

window well cover with wrap around riser

Wrap around risers are a cost effective way to increase the height of your window well without replacing it.

Wrap around risers are constructed with the same UV stable nearly indestructible polycarbonate material as the window well cover itself.  The ability of this material to bend around the curve of the well without breaking makes it perfect for building a riser.  Since our install technician can build a riser onto your well as part of the window well cover installation, the cost is minimal as opposed to replacing the entire well with a taller one.  It is attached with rivets to the inside of the well.  It extends about 6 inches down for a secure hold.  The top surface then becomes the new lip of the window well where a clip down or lock style widow well cover can be attached.